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Date Added: 03/10/2012


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Date Added: 03/10/2012

Collar "Vigala"

Collar "Vigala"
Collar "Vigala" Collar "Vigala"
Designer: Mustriinstituut
Price: €3.00
Collar_Vigala.pdf (666.12 Kb)

Collar_Vigala.pes (117.86 Kb)

Collar_Vigala.hus (5.02 Kb)

Collar_Vigala.vp3 (39.08 Kb)

Collar_Vigala.jef (39.04 Kb)

Collar_Vigala.dst (58.76 Kb) (40.99 Kb)

Collar_Vigala-Janome500e (39.01 Kb)

Cross stitched collar "Vigala" will give your T-shirt unique look. Turn the pattern around and embroider it on your skirt instead! The design is made of 2.4 mm double crosses.
Height: 8.6" (219 mm)
Width: 7.6" (193 mm)
Stitches: 19871
Colors: 1


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