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Date Added: 03/10/2012


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Date Added: 03/10/2012

Belt "Muhu" 3

Belt "Muhu" 3
Belt "Muhu" 3 Belt "Muhu" 3 Belt "Muhu" 3
Designer: Mustriinstituut
Price: €4.00
Belt_Muhu_3.pdf (36.93 Kb)

Belt_Muhu_3.hus (7.84 Kb)

Belt_Muhu_3.vp3 (70.35 Kb)

Belt_Muhu_3.dst (105.66 Kb)

Belt patterns "Muhu" are designed to give romantic feeling to your belts or other accesories. But also feel free to embroider these patterns to your kitchen towels or shopping bags. The designs are made of 2.4 mm double crosses. The belt "Muhu" 3 is inspired by woman's skirt and motifs that decorated bride's and maiden's folk costumes on Muhu Island, Estonia. Embroider these eight-pointed stars to protect you on your way!

Height: 4.1" (103 mm)
Width: 13.9" (353 mm)
Stitches: 35753
Colors: 7


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